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a vintage christmas

Everytime I sit down to do a blog (professionally and personally) I always think that I’m going to come up with something incredibly witty and groundbreaking and that the words I profess will have a global impact and end poverty and hunger. Perhaps I should set my aim lower and start with getting my first blog comment.

Ok, so I can’t write nearly as artistically as I can with a lens and a camera so perhaps its best that I just let the pictures do my bidding for me.

Nicole and Jer invited me out to spend an hour with their beautiful family. The goal was to get some Christmas card worthy family photos that they could send out and cherish. I’m still processing a good chunk of these pictures but I wanted to share with them these teasers that put a big Christmas smile on this otherwise goofy face of mine. Nicole and Jer I hope you two enjoy these as much as I’m enjoying them!

click on image to see the full size

pure sweetness

if this doesn’t make you feel all festive and seasonal then I don’t think you’re human
Nicole, this is what happens when you toss a toque at a photographer when he’s trying to shoot!
Jer told me that he really wanted a photo of him and his little man.  Jer, I hope this is what you were hoping for.
Sisterly love… so adorable!

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danijam0607 Terence, these photos are AMAZING!! You have such incredible talent. Thank you for meeting us at Edworthy today. Jer and I had a great time, and by the looks of your photos the kids did too… there’s no indication that they were miserable with me because I put them in the wrong footwear for so much snow (who knew there are spots in Calgary with lots of fresh snow???)
Also, re: the toque… my idea was that I would toss the toque *toward* you to a) catch James’ attention, and b) get Danielle’s toque out of my hand. But (and everyone on my softball team will attest to this), I have a terrible throwing arm. Sorry
for ruining the shot!! Lol :-)November 30, 2008 – 6:42 pm

An Inspiring Contest at Inspired Occasions

Over at Inspired Occasions Event Planning & Design, Terra is holding a brand new holiday contest that is open to all lucky readers. Take a peak at what she’s offering. She does some pretty amazing work and the Out of Town Welcome Bags would be a fantastic addition to any lucky bride and groom and their out of town guests!

I strongly suggest that all couples enter as you can never have too many awesome freebies for your wedding day!

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Paula & Dan v2.0

Ok Dan & Paula et al.  Here’s a wee bit o’ picture for you to see before the weekend.  Seriously just rad fun!!  

Hopefully we can get together on Saturday?  Sunday is a no-no as it’s Le Coupe Grey and I froze my butt off last weekend to see the Stamps into the finals! 

You can click the pics to make them biggah.

A lonely piece of headgear. But the raddest piece of headgear! What’s my name!?

His family.  Not yours.

The new way to hug your kid

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So it’s official.  I’ve now carved out my tiny niche in the photography market of Calgary.  so how does it feel?  It kinda feels good actually.  After all this time spent behind my camera lens as a “professional amateur” I can almost officially call myself a “professional”. Just what is a professional anyways?  Is that when you start taking money for your services?

In case the blog isn’t setup as properly as it should be, my website is

I’m really stoked about this new venture that I’m taking on. In addition to my fulltime job, my volunteer work and playing volleyball and hitting the gym in between and being married to a fabulous woman I felt that there was so unused time in my life. So why not start up another business for me to stress and bang my head for? Hey, if nothing else, I get to use this as my creative outlet ever since I stopped djing years ago.

So welcome everyone! Get comfortable and open your eyes, and plug in your headphones. I’m hoping that my site will get a ton of looks and I’ll be constantly updating this blog and my site with new images and sounds to please my guests and clients.

Welcome to t law photography


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Its official!  I’m officially about to launch!  So much prep work, time and the usual blood, sweat and tears have gone into this endeavour and I can’t wait to show it off.  Of course, I have the usual people that I want to thank, and before all else are those models and families that agreed to let me use them as my “guinea pigs”.  Luckily they trusted me enough and believed in me enough that I was able to make this fantastic leap.   I promised I’d make them all famous, so here goes nothing!!  And of course to my fabulous wife, also known as camera #2.  She has supported me tremendously throughout this entire process and has urged me along even when I felt that we may be about to stall out, sputter and go nowhere.  Thank you all so much for your support and your belief in me and my creative instincts.  I’ll make you proud!!

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