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The Finer Side of t law photography

Someone told me I wasn’t blogging nearly often enough so here I am, Wednesday evening blogging about something.   But its not just about anything – it’s about something particular.  

I’ve decided that I’ll soon be launching a new site that I’ve unofficially dubbed the “t law photography project” that takes a closer look at the finer, artsier side of my photography life.  In this project I’m focusing more on the inert objects in life that bring us individual joy, happiness and overall sense of satisfaction.  My project involves those things around me that appeal to me.  And since I have a deep adoration for music and in my past life was also an underground and club DJ, I’ve decided to start there – focusing on my life in music.  It won’t necessarily appeal to you and that’s ok too.  Because I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it people like….ahh forget it.  Here’s a couple sample images which hint at the direction I’m heading with this project.  I’m not sure when I’ll launch this new project and make it public for all the world see but it’ll be within the next 30-40 years I figure.  
As always, please feel free to leave comments or send me an email.

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ALS Fundraiser

Once in a while we all have the opportunity to do some good for the heart and not all of us take advantage of this opportunity and when that time passes we look back on that time and regret not taking full advantage of the situation to better ourselves or to help provide something better to those that we are surrounded by daily. I was approached by Katie Wright over at Drama Queen Weddings to see if I was interested in donating something to an event that she is organizing. This event is something that she putting together out of the greatness of her heart and is something that she truly believes in. This is the type of thing that we can all take pride in and in our own small way try to do something that hopefully has a big impact on the lives of others.

The event she is organizing is an ALS fundraiser at Belgo Brasserie in Calgary on Saturday February 7, 2009. Tickets for the “Benefit for Hope” are $40 each and the proceeds of this event go directly to the ALS Society of Alberta. Tickets include appetizers and a beverage.

ALS is a rapidly degenerative, always fatal neuromuscular disease. It attacks the nerves that the body would normally use to send messages from the brain to the muscle, resulting in weakness and wasting. Eventually, the individual with ALS is left completely immobilized, with loss of speech and eventually an inability to swallow and breath.

Tickets are available directly from Katie by email ( or phone (403.803.2026) or by contacting Belgo directly at 403.616.2910 –ask for Marcie Turpin.

I encourage you all to come down and donate generously to this worthy cause. Although we’re all feeling the pinch of the economic slide – this is only temporary. There are those whose concerns extend well beyond the financial and to what matters most. Life. Money can be made, saved, spent and lost, but the love of a family member who is inflicted with ALS is much harder to overcome. You cannot simply find a job and replenish that memory like you would with your bank account.

t law photography has donated a 2 hour portrait session – worth $250 – to the cause and we encourage you make a bid on our item. We promise you a great time and the full benefits and creativity of the portrait session that we give all of our clients. If for some crazy reason a portrait session with me does not interest you there will be a brazillion other auction items available for you to bid on. So go nuts! Don’t get outbid and while you’re at it, feel great about the cause your contributing to! It’s a win-win situation!

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The World Transplant Games | tlaw photography […] I made a commitment to myself that because I was able to, each year I would donate my time and money where I could to help those who wanted my time and money.  I’ve spent time with many different organizations and charities and have enjoyed every minute of it.   Last year, I donated my photography time to a fundraiser for ALS. […]November 11, 2009 – 9:02 pm

Alicia & Chad: e-session

Calgary’s favourite Houstonites came to visit for a snowy holiday trip and while they were here, I had the honour of shooting their e-session. This couple is seriously hot and we’ve got the pics to prove it!

Chad is the type of guy that you think of when I say ‘Texan’. He’s tall. He’s big. He’s got a mmmmmassive southern drawl but the charm of a true gentleman. Alicia is a Canadian almost-but-not-quite-converted Texan. She’s beautiful, smart and always is full of positive chi. And she loves hockey! Here are some sneakers from the e-session.

keeping the sun up in the sky
Chad is gonna need to work on that smile ;)
feel the passion. and his cold hands.
my favourite image of the day
and a very close second. her eyes are fierce!

Alicia & Chad, enjoy these teasers! I can’t wait for your July wedding in the mountains… its gonna be awesome!

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classycowgirl What a beautiful couple! and crazy sun shotsJanuary 15, 2009 – 3:04 pm

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