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I’ve known Tammy off and on, mostly off, for over 10 years now. We first met each other as wait-staff at Earls Restaurant and then took infrequent trips (one) to Value Village for Halloween costumes. Tammy bought a real pair of jeans there.

Oddly enough that is one of the last memories I have of Tammy from that time.

Fast forward to present day 2008. Thank the almighty for the Mark Zuckerberg, for if it was not for him, we would have never reconnected again – same goes for all of the other hundreds of people that are my Facebook friends. Not only is Tammy a beautiful person inside and out, she is extremely talented too! She is a fantastic website designer and photographer and is the principle behind LifeSeven – Creative Marketing for Awesome People.

Tammy and I spent a sunny, but still chilly morning in downtown Calgary doing some new and exciting portraits for her business. She wanted something new an different, but something that still reflected her style. I think that she looks fabulous in these shots and I’m so honored that she asked me to do the shoot for her. It’s one thing to shoot an engagement session with another couple, but an entirely different thing to shoot a session for another fabulous photographer! Especially when you know that they have an extreme eye for detail! I think we did a pretty good job with the shots and really captured the new, yet real essence of who she is. I challenge you to find anything flawed with her in these photos. She looks so so very modelesque!

Tammy and I will be working on a number of projects together this year and I can truly say that I’m so excited and happy to have reconnected with her. She will continue to challenge me and push me to be better at what I do and I thank her for that.

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I believe in honesty…

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.”
– Spencer Johnson

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Terra Law This pic is too funny.February 21, 2009 – 12:33 am

Valentines Day Discounts

It is with much Valentines love that I present this special discount to current and future 2009 clients of t law photography.

Place your order for a contemporary coffee table book before 11:59pm on Valentines Day to receive 15% off the final price.
All books are custom designed by yours truly with a prime selection of 20 of your favourite photos.  This also includes 1 revision of the design.
This offer is valid only for all weddings, engagement and portrait sessions and albums booked for 2009.
No frills. No gimmicks. Just discounted love from t law photography.

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Kristi & Dennis: e-session

They met at a bookstore – she was looking for retirement books for her dad, he was there because fate had brought him to the store despite the distance. They shared an aisle in the business section of the store. He made a suggestion. She cracked a smile. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I had the extreme pleasure of getting to spend time with the wonderful Kristi and Dennis as we shot their engagement photos around town. As is always the case, I get to work with the most amazing couples. Today, that feeling was, as a loud rotund chef once said, “kicked up a notch!”. Kristi and Dennis treated myself and Terra as though we were long lost friends who were reunited. This couple is so full of life, energy, passion and most importantly of all, love for each other that it was impossible not to have a smile on my face all day.

Between Dennis’ boyish grin and gentleman’s charm and Kristi’s stunning radiance and intelligence it becomes very clear that these two were meant for each other in every way… in so many more ways than I know how to put into a single blog entry. I consider myself lucky to have been chosen by them to be their photographer and both Terra and I feel so honored in feeling as though we have made new friends along the way.

OH, and next time I will have that beer.

Oh. Ummm…excuse me…there’s a game going on…
I can NEVER resist a good flare opportunity
She still loves him despite the tiny rock she bares from him
Do not ignore the book…the book knows all.

Congratulations again and can’t wait till we get to sit and review the rest of the photos with you!

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Heather Ward Wow – fabulous shoot! That will knock their socks off! They’ll be thrilled with them. Great work!February 9, 2009 – 8:29 pm

Anonymous I love the most recent photos you took… The images are amazing and they both look so beautiful and happy together…February 9, 2009 – 8:19 pm

Finally back up and running

I switched my blog over to my old website ( and it took a few days for the DNS to update but we’re finally back up!

So what have I done since then?  I dabbled in my other love of my life.  And by that I don’t mean my wife.  I dabble with her all the time!  Before I met Terra I had a love affair with a game called poker.  I spent many of my days as a single guy wooing the game and trying to convince the chips that it too should have an affair with me in return.  That it should return to me all that I had given away and show me the same passion that I had shown the game.  While there were fleeting moments of passion and what can only be referred to as gentle teasing.  Although successful in my own terms (I paid for a trip for two to Australia via poker), I never made it as big as I thought I could – ie. WSOP Main Event bracelet. Once the poker account was emptied, I had to start small again and work my way up to where I could make a decent grind out of the game.  So where am I going with all this and why am I telling you about this?  Because this is turning into a brag post!  I was never really was much for poker tournaments much preferring the cash games, but just this past weekend I made a hit in a 522 person online tournament!  I cashed in a respectable 3rd place!  Easily my best showing ever for an online tournament!   The WSOP is only 5 months away… now its time to start training!  Queue Rocky training music…

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