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Dominique & Mike: e-session

Dominique and Mike are related to our good friends Nicole and Jer and we couldn’t be happier when I was asked to photograph their engagement and wedding.  These two are fabulous to work with and had the best smiles to show off!

After a few pensive moments to start they really warmed up to the camera and I think that they actually ended up having quite a bit of fun too!  Who woulda thunk! ;) We trudged through ankle-deep snow, danced around the mud and almost got chased off a lot by some guard dogs all in the name of photos. 
I’m soooo excited for your upcoming wedding and Tammy and I have some great ideas in store for you!
Here are a few teasers (click to enlarge) of our wonderful day together.  I can’t wait to show you the rest.

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sarah pukin “hey, here’s another comment, you owe some fooooood”December 3, 2009 – 6:09 pm

Sheena & Alex: e-session

As a photographer, one of my absolute favourite things to hear from clients is: “We’re up for anything”.  Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot! Lights go off! The slotmachine is emptied!

Because the engagement shoot landed on what happened to be a muddy and sloppy day, we did opt to go a little cleaner, but still fun nonetheless.  Just wait until your wedding day guys, I think we’re gonna rock your socks off!
He reached back to grab her hand as they walked across a puddle of mud and dirt.  Taking great care to ensure that she neither slipped, tripped, nor stumbled her way through the muddy waters.  She let him take her hand and she looked up with a smile. Her eyes light up and he cracks a smile.  All is right with the world.
Sheena & Alex, you two were brilliant to work with and giving me the freedom to do what I felt best captured you two is a great gift that you have given to me.  I’m very much looking forward to your wedding day.  You two are absolutely meant for each other and I know you’ll make each other smile forever.

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Anonymous excellent job!! Sheena and Alex look so cute together! Can’t wait till the wedding pics, gonna be fantastic!March 30, 2009 – 7:44 am


My blogging habits have become sporadic at best.  I’m quite ashamed of myself.  Phew! Ok, now that I’ve got that out of the way… I present to you the cutest baby girl in the world: Lily!  My dear and close friends Greg and Jamie recently gave birth to a precious 5lb 15oz. bundle of cute and I had the opportunity to take some newborn photos of her just a mere 10 days after she was born.

I’ve known Greg and Jamie for a number of years now and in fact, I was there when they first met. I think that’s at least 5 years now if not 5.5 years.
You two plus Lily make a beautiful family and I’m excited to watch her grow up with you.

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Winnie the Pooh

My beautiful wife has always been a big fan of Winnie the Pooh.  With a collection of kitchen towels, ceramics and Christmas ornaments that adorn parts of our house at different times of the year its quite a site.

I was recently rummaging through our collection of books and came across the classic, and original Winnie the Pooh storybook.  This too belongs to Terra, in fact, in many ways it has become a family heirloom of sorts.  This book actually belonged to her Uncle Jim from years past.  Terra never had the chance to meet her Uncle Jim as he had unfortunately passed away at the young age of 18.  
Someone once told Terra that she shouldn’t read this book anymore, as it could be worth money and that she shouldn’t risk repeatedly flipping the pages and cracking the spine.  Her response was that she much preferred the value of the memory and the story that the book gives her each day, much more than the monetary value of what this book could represent. Clearly, this can’t happen now regardless as you can see from the photos below, Terra has enjoyed this story many times over.
I’m sure that as our family grows, we will share, in earnest, the story of Winnie the Pooh.
These are the things that I love as these are the things that mean the most.
“To Jim from Kenny and Russel” (Cousins) Written by Grandma Lee.

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Michelle & Chad: e-session

“I feel like we’ve known you two forever!”.
– Michelle

They let us into their home, they shared with us their lives, they even told us what to shoot! It was great!!

Only this time “we” did not include my wife Terra. While she was busy meeting with clients, Tammy from LifeSeven filled in for her and came with me to spend some time with the ridiculously in love Michelle and Chad.

I usually suck with words, so rather than try to come up with something sappy and Tammy said to me truly described the relationship between these two. “You can sooo tell that he just adores her so much!”. That much is true.

Some of the best photo shoots are those that sometimes don’t require you to do any directing at all. They just see each other and they instantly want to love. In fact, in some cases we were being directed by Chad! How grrrrreat is that!? I should just hire Chad to be my setup man and I’ll just hold the camera and click ;).

Here is a small small look at some of the images we captured during this session. I’ll post more as I work my way through them!

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