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Sheena & Alex: Wedding Day

I just wanted to quickly post 2 photos from a radtacular wedding that I shot this past weekend. Please click to enjoy.

The first one just shows the beautiful connection between Sheena and Alex. They are the calm in vast field. They bring contentment and warmth to those who engage them. They are love. They are in love.

Until something needs to get done. Then Sheena has to pull on the pants in the family and do all the hard work.

I’ll be doing a much larger post with more details soon. I just couldn’t resist uploading a couple to start. It was just one of those weddings… :)


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debby k Wow! I love your work. It really has a sense of fun and drama.April 15, 2009 – 5:44 pm

Cornerstone Events awesome photos T!!April 14, 2009 – 5:21 am

Erin & Rob: e-session

When I first met Erin & Rob my first impression was these two were probably one of the most down to earth couples I’ve ever met.  And I don’t just mean professionally.  I mean ever.  They both just have a very laid back feel about them until you start talking about each other, or get them talking about other things they love; like music, like time off from work, like each other.

Our day in the sun couldn’t have come at a better time on the heels of the longest winter we’ve seen in quite a while.  Though it may seem tacky, I’m still gonna say it.  These two brought the sun out to play with them that day.
And as gorgeous as the sun was this day, it couldn’t hold a candle to beauty of these two.
Congratulations you two.  I hope that I will only ever run into 1 of you guys professionally, but the other, I’m ok with (I think!) ;).  But perhaps one day we can enjoy a glass of wine while Bob and Loretta serenade us in the background.
Please click to enjoy.

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Clairephotoflash Love that session Terence! One of my favorites is the 3 shadows!April 9, 2009 – 5:39 pm

Brittany These are FANTASTIC! You can so tell how fun and in love these two are! You so rocked this sessionApril 6, 2009 – 10:53 pm

Dominique & Mike: e-session part 2

It’s not really part 2 per se, but just a couple of shots that Tammy of LifeSeven Photography of sent to me that she took. I love her processing. great stuff!! And an action shot of me :). Yes, thats my real reason for “part 2”. so what? I’m just a squirrel tryin’ to get a nut too!

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sarah pukin omg please post the one i took of you with your legs crossed.December 3, 2009 – 6:02 pm

Dominique Wells Heh heh, that is a good one!April 6, 2009 – 5:41 pm

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