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Hello Mr. Wedding Photographer Guy

A few photographers I know started doing this “Top 25 things you didn’t know about me” post on their respective blogs and I thought…hey, what the heck, this could be fun.  Afterall, I had a blast reading about their 25 things, why shouldn’t I share as well?  Instead of doing all 25 at once I’ll blog mine in installments, that way I’ll have stuff to blog about when I feel I’ve run out of stuff to blog about (like now, when the wedding season in Calgary has slowed)…that and mostly because I haven’t been able to come up with 25 unique things about myself yet. 10 is a good starting number. So here we go. This should be interesting as I’m not a very eloquent writer and if you’ve ever actually read the things I write in this blog you’d tend to agree.

10 things that you didn’t know about that I’m sure you’re glad you now know:

  1. If the volume dial on the TV/stereo/computer is numeric, the volume must always be set on an even number.  Always.
  2. My footwear of choice is the thong sandal.  I’d wear this every day if I could.  This would likely mean I’m somewhere tropical but not necessarily.  I’ve been known to wear sandals in the winter.
  3. I drink coffee like nobodies business.  I am an addict and I’m convinced that’s why my joints are creaky.  I have no proof that there is causation.  I dont even know if there is correlation as I haven’t stopped drinking coffee long enough to see if any noticeable improvements take place.
  4. I don’t like Starbucks
  5. I used to think Czechoslovakia was pronounced Chocolate-slovakia.
  6. I currently have 5 active email accounts that I check regularly.  This is the lowest its ever been since email was introduced to me.
  7. My favourite movie of all time is Swingers.  The skinny version of Vince Vaughn had style.
  8. I’ve spent a large portion of my life donating my time to charitable causes.  By my count, I’ve worked with at least 8 different charitable groups.  I plan on continuing to give my time to worthy causes.  My dream job would be document international charitable efforts of some kind with my camera.
  9. Terra does not yet know about the latter part of #8
  10. I lived in Brussels, Belgium for just under a year.  They have over 500 brands of beer. I tried to sample each one. I failed.

There you go, the first 10…nothing really that revealing, but now you know me that much better. Right?

This image below was taken when we were in Thailand in 2007.  We went to a ladyboy show because that’s what you do when you’re in Thailand I guess.  You eat pad-thai, drink $1 Tiger beer and go to ladyboy shows.   The singer looks exactly like Beyonce. But it’s a dude. Boyonce I guess?  (S)he actually had an amazing voice.  We were completely blown away!

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Kayce It’s closer to Antwerpe then Brussels but still close. He grew up in Beveren-Waas! Belgium looks absolutely beautiful in the pictures I have seen. The architecture of the surroundings is outstanding.March 20, 2011 – 2:29 pm

tlaw Kayce, was it Charleroi? I’m pretty familiar with that town as well :)February 15, 2011 – 12:29 am

Shelley haha you are so random. I like the ladyboy show comment..lolJanuary 28, 2011 – 4:42 pm

julie Loved reading this Terence! Just wanted to let you know that in my books, Vince Vaughn is spectacular at any weight :) Love that guy!January 27, 2011 – 10:29 pm

Kayce Love photographer tid-bits about themselves! My fiance is Belgian! He grew up not too far away from Brussels!January 27, 2011 – 10:21 pm

The kindest words

I’ve known Dhara and Jason for just over one year and already we’ve done three sessions together.  It’s couple’s like this that make me love what I do (I hesitate to call it a job at times).  It makes me smile each day knowing that I’ve had the opportunity to work with such amazing clients year after year.  That I get to photograph single moments in their lives that will never ever be repeated again.  That they get images to love, cherish and forever share with their families.  To receive notes similar to the ones I’ve received from Dhara and Jason below lets me know that what I’ve created isn’t just simply an image, but a moment and legacy appreciated.  These are the reasons I love being a wedding photographer…

October 12th, 2009 (Engagement) – For us, pictures are very special and something we plan to treasure forever.  We invested quite a bit of time researching photographers in the Calgary area and when we came across your website, your portfolio stood out amongst all the others. After our first meeting; you knew exactly what we were looking for! Not only are the pictures spectacular but the photo shoot itself was an absolute pleasure and a wonderful memory. You made us feel comfortable resulting in natural photographs that truly reflect who we are as couple. Your creative eye combined with your photographic skills provided us with beautiful photographs that we will forever cherish.


Feb 20, 2010 (Wedding)  – A huge thank you for photographing our special day. Everyone who attended has commented on how discreet, professional and accommodating you were, despite the challenges of the freezing cold weather! And for that we are extremely appreciative. We just wanted to say that the pictures are fantastic and they really tell the story of our wedding day. Your attention to detail and incredible creativity produced such amazing photos. From the candid portrait shots to the artistic, scenic shots you really captured the essence of us and the magic of our wedding day. Thanks for making it a pleasurable experience. Your dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism were outstanding from the first day we met you.

Oct 30th, 2010  (Christmas/Fall) – We were so impressed with our Christmas/Fall pictures! Not only did you do an AMAZING job on our pictures, but it’s so much fun to work with you!!! You are always so relaxed and enjoyable to hang out with…at times we almost forgot that you were taking pictures!  One thing that really stands out about you is that you have an incredible way of making us feel comfortable and we really appreciated how you let us be ourselves! You are a true artist and we will surely be coming back to you!

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