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Nicki & John: single frame from a beautiful Spruce Meadows wedding

I meant to only post a single frame but I made a mistake a posted two instead.


calgary spruce meadows wedding photographers
spruce meadows wedding photographers

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The Personal Fitness Journey

A couple of months ago I blogged about getting back on the bus.  Getting back into shape has always been an idea that had consumed me.  I used to be in great shape (as Terra can attest to when we first started dating). Then I let it all go. See ya later dumb bells. Sayonara leg press. Arrivaderci any need for workout related gear.  Buh-“I feel physically fantastic”-Bye.

After that post, I really put myself to the test and hired a personal trainer, Amy, at World Health.  If Amy is reading this, I gotsta apologize because at first I had some serious doubts.  She’s 5’2″ and easily the tiniest trainer at the gym.  SHE was gonna motivate ME?!  If I slack off, what’s she gonna do? Punch me in the ankles?   Yell at me with that 5’2″ voice?  What if the bar gets too heavy and I need a spot; is she gonna lift it off my chest?  Why yes. Yes she is. With one hand in fact.  D’oh!

So here I am, 3 months later and I have never ever ever felt better than I do now.  My energy levels are through the roof, I no longer fight the urge for afternoon naps, caffeine is no longer a requirement (replaced by the buzz of adrenaline).  And the much feared “wedding hangover”?  Haven’t had one in 2 months!  Gone!  I can still wake up the next morning and feel like it’s just another Sunday.  Overall, I feel fantastic.

So lets run the numbers…

My fitness stats on May 12, 2011:

Weight: 179lbs
Bio Impedance: 459
Right Thigh (circumference): 52cm
Chest: 100cm
Abdomen: 87cm

Lean Body Mass: 150.05lbs
Percentage of LBM: 83.8%

Percentage of Body Fat: 16.2% (Yikes!!!)

In my previous blog post I had set out personal goals that I wanted to achieve, which I thought would be reasonable to achieve without disappointing myself.  The goals I had were: “These goals are to reduce my body fat % down to 12% and to gain 10lbs of lean muscle.  I have a 3 month timeline to achieve this goal – which makes it just in time for the big wedding season rush.  And in-line with this goal, I’m expecting this to make me much more nimble and even more energetic for all the beautiful weddings that I’m lucky to have been commissioned to photograph. “

With that said, here are my stats as of August 25, 2011:

Weight 181lbs – I was never worried about this number. I was and am perfectly happy that this number is static, in fact, I’ve actually gained 2lbs.  Damn you Alley Burger!
Bio Impedance: 386 (woohoo!!)
Right Thigh (circumference): 57cm (this gain is huge for my considering my prior knee problems.  My jeans also fit tighter around my thighs which is kinda uncomfortable #firstworldpains right?)
Chest: 98cm (No idea how I lost 2cm as I’m definitely benching more than I was when I started.  My trainer attributes this possibly to fat loss around my back).
Abdomen: 86cm (I bet this loss would be much more significant if Calgary didn’t roll out the food trucks.  I’m pretty much not accepting responsibility on this one).

Lean Body Mass: 160.94lbs
Percentage of LBM: 88.9%

Percentage of Body Fat: 11.1%

As I type this, I’m still staring at the numbers.  Did I really exceed my goals!!?? I reduced my body fat % down to 11.1% exceeding my goal by 0.9% and I gained a total 10.89 lbs of lean muscle (a 5.9% gain).  I’m completely freakin’ ECSTATIC!!!

I’m still not ready to post before/after photos but I know that the more I post, the more accountable I become – so one day perhaps I’ll do that.  Or I’ll photoshop my face onto some ripped dudes body, because that’s what photoshop is for anyways. This fitness journey has started off much better than I had hoped.  I truly expected that my goals would be very difficult to reach in such a short time.  But I put in a lot of blood, sweat and swear words to get to this mile marker and I have only my trainer, publicly visible blog posts and my stubborness to thank.

So now what?  I guess I need some new goals, so here it is:

Target LBM: 166lbs
Target Body Fat: 9%

These goals are certainly more moderate and far less aggressive than before, but only because I realize that as I shape up, the curve cannot be as drastic.  Not because I plan on getting back to old habits.

I know you’re here really just to see photos and not read my horrible English so here you go… an image from Lisa and Phil’s session.  I probably wouldn’t have been able to make this image if I was in worse shape than I am right now ;).  Their wedding is coming up very soon…just imagine the awesome images we’ll make since I’m so fleet footed now eh! ;)


calgary engagement photographers

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Shelley good job TLAW!!!!August 26, 2011 – 10:55 am

Kevan Nice work! And you’re not signing up for that bike race why exactly?August 25, 2011 – 8:54 pm

Crystal & Jon: Wedding at the Links of Gleneagles

Just a single image from the beautiful wedding of Crystal and Jon.

cochrane wedding photography

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Vi & Kevin: Wedding at Calgary Winter Club

Vi (pronounced Vee) and Kevin (pronounced Kevin) were married in July with clear skies and mid 20’s temperature to help them celebrate their day.  The day was beautiful, the couple even beautifulleriest.  aka. pretty rad.  You two were a ton o’ fun in such small packages… So many gorgeous events took place that day and I was lucky to capture it.  It was like the stars aligned if you believe in that stuff.  If you don’t believe in that stuff then it was just simply fate.

Congratulations once again Vi and Kevin.  I wish you many aligned stars of fate in your marriage!

calgary winter club wedding photographer

calgary winter club wedding photographer

calgary winter club wedding photographer

calgary winter club wedding photographer

calgary winter club wedding photographer
calgary winter club wedding photographer

calgary winter club wedding photographer

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Fast Moving Mountains

I’m headed out to do some camping this weekend but before I did, I wanted to quickly post an image from the session I did with local musical talent Fast Moving Mountains.  First off, cool freakin’ name!  Second, cool freakin’ music.  Third, cool freakin’ style!  So here it is, a single frame from our cover shoot session.  I love that this image (among many others we shot) have a true editorial feel to them.

calgary band and musician photographers

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