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The Perrault Family

When you look at this beautiful family below, you’re gonna be all, “yeah, they’re cute and beautiful and happy and all, but where the heck did you photograph them at this time of year that still has those beautiful fall colors and leaves?”  And I’m gonna be all “I got the magic stick. I dance between raindrops. I make my own weather”.  Enough with the small talk.  I give you, the ultra awesome Perrault Family.  Thank you for spending the afternoon with me and allowing me to photograph your family :)

“Hey sis! Let me help you…fall over”

“What? That’s not fair! I’m gonna run over here!”

Can you believe Robberta walked down that hill in 3″ heels? I thought her ankle was gonna snap!

Proof that teasing your wife is a fun thing to do

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Lisa & Phil: a tasty sample of their wedding photos at Stewart Creek

Well that’s interesting. I put a couple of these images up on my facebook page, but I never put them up on my blog!  Sometimes being busy gives you an excuse as to why you’ve forgotten some things :).  I get a built-in excuse!  Here’s a tasty sampling of some of the wedding images I created for Lisa and Phil at Stewart Creek Golf and Country Club.










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Photos in Central Park? Sure why not eh!

Shirley and I go way back to the University of Calgary – Bachelor of Commerce days.  That’s like double-digit years now.  So we’ve known each other for quite a while.  Sadly, after university we lost touch as she traveled the world and lived an exciting life. And I stayed in my bubble and took the safe route of looking for a job right away and applying my B.Comm degree to whoever was crazy enough to employ my newly graduated self.   Anyways, we lost touch but through the magic of facebook (Who doesn’t look ol’ Zuckerberg eh) we were able to stay in touch.  And when I let it be known that I was going to be in New York she immediately contacted me and asked if I would be interested in photographing her beautiful family.  Well hellz ya!  And a beautiful family it is… My only regret with our session is that we didn’t spend more time afterwards just hanging out and going for food and drink (Terra and I had tickets to The Addams Family that night on Broadway baby!).  Here’s just a couple of images from our session in the breathtaking jungle in the city – Central Park.  Thank you Shirley and Lachlan for allowing me to spend an afternoon with your family.  You two are wonderful people and I can tell that your boy has a wonderful home in which to grow!

At first, I thought his shirt say “HOLLA!”

Look at him laugh!  That is one happy kid!I pop my collar cause I knows that I is the cutes.

Mom and Dad need some alone time photos tooNew York Central Park Family Photographers

New York city Central Park Family Photographer



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