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The Cats-Outta-The-Bag Maternity and Newborn Photography Sale

I posted this photo to my Facebook Page yesterday…

calgary newborn and maternity photographer

That’s right! That cat’s outta the bag!

Terra and I are finally, after 4 beautiful, but long years, are expecting our firstborn!  Words cannot possibly describe how ridiculously happy we are!  We don’t know the exact date, or the sex or anything else but that’s just all gravy to the wonderful news that I got one passed the goalie!  So, even though words can’t describe how we feel, there is certainly one way to express our joy – How about a THE-CATS-OUTTA-THE-BAG-SALE!

For a limited time, TLAW Photography is offering the first 10, (yes TEN) people to book either a maternity or newborn baby photo shoot a crazy reduced session fee price of only $99!!!  That’s a $201 savings off the regular price! Or a savings of 67% percent! SIXTY-SEVEN PERCENT!! If my math is wrong…then who cares, you’re saving TWO-HUNDRED AND ONE DOLLARS! Can I make this any more awesome?  If I can, I sure don’t know how that’s possible!  More exclamation marks perhaps!!!

To also celebrate, I’d like to invite you all to attend the Images of Hope fundraising event on March 10, 2012 at Hotel Arts.  Images of Hope provides photographic memories to those families that have gone through turbulent times in trying to conceive.  As Terra and I were once on the waiting list for IVF Treatment, we understand the importance of this and obviously, this cause hits very close to home for us.  I’ve donated 1 maternity photo session and 1 newborn photo session for anyone to bid on.   All money raised goes right to helping fund IVF treatments in Alberta as this cost is not currently covered by Alberta Health.  As you’ve probably heard, IVF treatment is not a cheap alternative, and in many cases has set many families back financially for the joys of raising a beautiful family.

If you have been through IVF Treatment in the past and are interested in having maternity, newborn or family photos taken, I invite you to contact me directly via my contact form above as I would love to offer you a special on my photography services.

As for maternity photos of my gorgeously glowing wife – you’ll have to wait, we’re going to wait until that baby belly gets to massive size before we post any here.  I feel bad for Terra – I’ve got a big head and I think the baby will too!

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Kasandra Klassen Your insurance broker is always the last to know.

Congrats to you both!!!!March 7, 2012 – 6:34 pm

Debby K A big head is an advantage. It leads the way and the rest follows. …Anyway, we’re so thrilled. And what a great idea to offer a sale and to donate to charity. Way to go TLAW Photography!!February 29, 2012 – 6:38 am

shannon Congrats guys!I’m so happy for both of you. :)February 27, 2012 – 1:58 pm

Paula Mikolajow Congrats congrats congrats!!! Super awesome incredible fabulous news! We love you guys!!February 27, 2012 – 1:53 pm

Rezika Zurch Congrats to you both! That is very exciting! I love babies!February 27, 2012 – 11:03 am

My friends got married: Shevaun & Derek – The Ranche

calgary ranche wedding photographers

I know it’s cliche to say that you become really close with your clients, that you develop a relationship and understanding and that they are “the most amazing clients ever! I’m so lucky!”.  You’ve read enough wedding blogs – you know that everyone says it.  But do they MEAN it?!

When Shevaun and Derek hired me a year ago to be their wedding photographer, it started off with an ‘oh yeah, this is gonna be something special’.  Constant communication, Facebook chat sessions, coffee meetups, and even dress shopping, yes, I got to see the dress as Shevaun was trying it on (Seriously? Did you really read it that way?).  She wanted my opinion on her dress. How would it photograph? Does it look good? Is it too long?  Does it go with the classic black Louboutin pumps?  That was my first time shopping for a wedding dress. Ever!  I gotta tell ya – there is so much more to looking at dresses than I could have imagined.  I kinda feel sorry for you girls – there are just many options!  Dudes, we gotta learn to give our girls a break!  They do this all to impress us (and other girls too apparently just to sass it up).  To all grooms – I’m sorry in advance but I gotta support team bride when it comes to being picky.  This stuff is difficult!!

Ok, so coming back off the tangent – Shevaun & Derek are definitely the type of people I intend on remaining friends with.  They are true. They are sincere.  They laugh at my super rad jokes and most importantly, they trusted me with everything on their day.  I want to call you friends, and I will continue to call you friends.  I’m looking forward to our next coffee meetup where I’m gonna show you my new sample album, because it features your amazing wedding! Yay!
Shevaun & Derek – you’ve seen your images featured on Style Me Pretty already, but here is the story that I saw on your wedding day.  I hope you enjoy it all over again.

calgary ranche wedding photographers

calgary ranche wedding photographers

Don’t forget to check out the sameday slideshow I put together for them to share on their wedding day.  You can find thaaaaaat here!

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Debby K So amazing as always T Law!February 9, 2012 – 3:45 am

Carey & Octavio: Calgary Zoo and Le Germain Hotel

When Carey called me up right after Christmas, actually, it may have actually been right after New Years, I knew she had taken maternity leave from her position as the Event Coordinator at Teatro, but I had no idea that she was a few short days away from getting married!  I was so happy for her!  And not to mention completely honored and feeling giddy that she asked me to photograph their wedding.  I mean, hey, lets face it…she’s seen her fair share of photographers come through the hallowed doors of the famous and luxe Teatro.

The intimate wedding inside of the Conservatory at the Calgary zoo was beautiful, with their family and friends surrounding them holding candles during the ceremony which was punctuated by the massive fans and heater/humidifier turning on every 5 mins.  Hey, it wasn’t that bad – it just forced everyone to snuggle up to the couple so that they could hear their story and vows, which really, kinda helped complete their day.  Who wouldn’t want to be this close to a couple in love?  Maybe some of that passion they have for life and each other would rub off on them through osmosis?  Worth a try…

Congratulations Carey and Octavio, and an even bigger congratulations on the new addition to your family.  So happy that your little one decided to let you get married on your day, and only show up on its designated due date!

the best calgary zoo le germain wedding photographer

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